Getting lost in the fix and avoiding the why?

campingmtn lakes 016I have a dog like some of you who is afflicted with cancer…OS. He is sadly dying of this horrible cancer. I fight the fight just like all of you and wish for a miracle everyday. I like many of you have spent thousands of dollars to fight this disease.

I read all the posts on the dog bone cancer groups and the artemesin and cancer group and am overwhelmed at how many of us have had more than one 4 legged friend die of cancer. This leads me to ask WHY ARE ALL OUR DOGS DYING OF CANCER? 

I have my dog on so many herbs and pain meds and arte in the hopes of fixing this thing just like all of you! I have succeeded at keeping the ultimate loss for my Louie for over a year. But s I sit here writing this I think all of us need to raise up a very loud voice to all the Vets treating our friends, all the Vet foundations, all the techs, all the dog food makers and get some answers. I read the other day that 8000 dogs are diagnosed with cancer each day. Every day, almost 4200 people are diagnosed with cancer in the United States.

We are a strong group fighting a fight that is consuming every living being and I so wished all of us could somehow become a loud voice and rattle the halls of the govt. until they take all that money they waste and put it to the research on cancer and holistic intervention.

My grief and diligence in fighting cancer for Louie has raised the levels of my voice so what say you….how can we be heard on this terrible disease and find the WHY?

I don’t want one more dog or cat or person to suffer without a fight!

To amputate or not? It’s personal between you and your dog!

My fathers name is Louis and yes he inspired me to name my dog Louie. Maybe that’s why Louie is so special because he sure has the heart and spirit my dad does.

My Dad frets a bit about Louie when he stands or scrambles and hops over for kisses and hugs. Louie has never been the type of dog to pity himself and this amputation is no different.

For those of you considering whether to amputate or not you in for quite a struggle.

Personally, when I first found out Louie had OS NO ONE COULD HAVE CONVINCED ME TO AMPUTATE!

So what changed my mind?

Louie of course!

I will never forget the day I came home and let Louie out of his kennel and told him to wait for me that I would be back after feeding the horses. When I came down the hill, Louie wasn’t waiting for me. Instead, he was over on our porch. Within seconds I knew something was wrong! Louie was laying on the porch with his eyes squinting and his paw was so swelled up! I coaxed him up to get him in the house and bless his heart even though the pain was unbearable he made it inside of the doors and collapsed. I was so frightened and called up my friend and told her to come home I thought Louie had broken his leg.

I will never forget the flood of mixed emotions. Here I was for months thinking I would Never amputate and now obviously something had to be done. I remember talking about putting Louie down and in fact, I called the local vet and talked with a bitch on the phone (that’s what I thought at the time of her even though she helped me make a great decision because she was so rude and difficult) telling her that I thought Louie had broken his leg…… She argued they were closing in 15 minutes and that the Dr had a family and wanted to go home to have dinner. Funny thing I never told her I was initially calling about putting Louie down! I argued that she should not make decisions for the Dr and asked to talk with him. She put me on hold!  While I waited I thought….WHY AM GIVING UP ON LOUIE? Here after months of taking him 2 hrs one way to the holistic doctor for his herbs and all the vets and doctors and vet technicians that were involved with Louie’s health….why was I giving up on him?

I hung the phone up and sat crumbled crying in the chair and asked Louie to please give me a sign telling me amputation was ok! Louie stood up on 3 paws and even though in a lot of pain hopped over to me and hit my hands making me pet him. If there was a sign this was it. Here my dog even though in extremem pain hopped over to me on 3 legs showing me he could do it!

Now the rest is history! I didn’t give up and Louie had his leg amputated the next morning and we are now learning to walk on 3 legs, still taking our herbs, still driving the 2 hrs every few weeks to Dr Palmquist to get his checkup and his herbs.



Here’s some recent picks of Louie with my Dad! The 2 Louies! LOL

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Louie the Wonder Dog Surviving Cancer One Herb at a time!

Louie was diagnosed June 2012 of OS in his front leg. He had the leg amputated Aug 2012.

We have taken him to a wonderful Holistic doctor in Inglewood, Ca Dr PalmQuist.

Louie takes about 10-12 different herbs to boost his immune system and clean his liver.


He is Louie the Wonder Dog Surviving Cancer One Herb at a time!



Louie and his Wheel Chair…getting around like a pro

Well Louie is finally learning to get around on his Wheely. It takes them sometime to learn. In the mornings we take him out on his wheely. It’s fun to watch him just lean on the cart and watch the birds and the neighbors and take his time without having to hope around.


Have I told you guys….I Love My Dog?????? Cause I do!


wheel chair 026 louieswheely louieswheely2 ResizedImage_1358955567364 ResizedImage_1358955591208 wheel chair 026

Louie gets his Wheelchair

Having a huge dog like Louie adds the burden of worrying about his remaining legs joint and the damage that may occur over time while he hops on it. Louie is doing pretty well hopping here and there and I think it’s good for him to get the exercise however, we finally got him a wheely from Eddie’s Wheels.



We are still making adjustments and if you could see his face you would know that learning to wheel around in a wheely isn’t something that comes easy. Dr Palmquist thought the wheels were set too forward and the yoke was too high. We will need to make adjustments and watch Louie’s progress as he moves along.

We had such high hopes that he would enjoy his wheely but be warned before you spend 800 dollars, learning to wheel down the road isn’t always easy

Welcome to Louie the Cancer Dog!

Welcome friends to Louie’s blog! I’m hoping to keep you up to date on Louie’s progress. Louie is a great Pyrenees diagnosed June 2012 of Cancer in his front leg. He had amputation in August 2012. He is treated by Dr Palmquist, Centinela Vet Hospital in Inglewood California. He is on Artemesimin and many other herbs as prescribed.


We opted not to do chemo since chemo tears down the immune system and over and over has no known effects or poor ones most of the time. Louie is going strong as of this date